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Emergency Safety Hammer

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Did you know that 28 people die in the UK due to being trapped or submerged in a car? and that number is more than double in the US...


The scariest thing is that being trapped is not a concern to vehicle automakers.
Whether or not you are a good or bad driver the chances of you getting into a car accident are almost 90%!!!

Now imagine you have a baby in the car or an elderly person, how do you escape when the seatbelts and windows have been built to protect you from exterior damages? YOU CAN'T...

Reduce Seatbelt Injury

That's why we worked closely with some of the greatest safety companies to bring you this revolutionary product...

  • No more being trapped - Effortlessly break open a window when you are trapped.
  • Save lives Save your friends and families life by gifting it to them.
  • No more suffocation - Cut open suffocating seatbelts to save you and your families life.
  • Become a hero Be the heroic individual who takes action first in the family.
  • Stress free - No more worrying about worst case scenarios.


Oh and that's not all...

  • Comes With a Keyring - Easy to attach to your car keys or a compartment in your car for easy access
  • Extremely Lightweight and Durable - The lightweight material makes breaking out of tough situations and durable alloy allows for as many reuses as you please.
  • Aluminium spike - Aluminium spike allows to break any car window so that you don't have stress about escaping.
  • Comes in FOUR different colors - Four different colors for every different kind of adult personality in the family. 


  1. Pull down out the key ring clip.
  2. If your seatbelt is jammed, slice the seatbelt diagonally.
  3. Direct the head of the tool to the front corner of your window.
  4. Press to release the spike that will break your window.

Make sure to store your hammer on your keychain or place that is within reach in case of emergency!


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